A form of government for xlandia

This framework is known as a Constitution, and it is a set of fundamental principles created according to the desires and needs of those involved in its forging. Now Government power is limited when there is a mutual respect on the restraints on power, a constitution with legal limits on power, individual rights are protected in the constitution, and in all there is a status quo for promoting what is best for everyone.

A form of government for xlandia

Use these videos when researching information to answer forum post 1. Post available via Google Groups. Xlandians lived in tribal kingdoms until the coming of European colonists in the 18th century. The colonizers carved up the country into several regions based on geographic divisions, with each controlled by its own chiefs.

These regions still think of themselves as distinct from the others. The capital city grew on the seacoast to become an important port on shipping trade routes. The school system established in the colonial era continues, even in rural areas, giving the nation a relatively high literacy rate.

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There is a small urban elite in the capital. Many of the children of the elite are sent out of the country for higher education, but face frustration upon their return to a nation that has been unable to live up to its potential while under the rule of a dictator.

Like many in the middle class of similar nations, educated citizens in Xlandia are under-employed and find severely limited opportunities for economic advancement.

A form of government for xlandia

Religion is not a divisive issue, with a majority Catholic population, some native animist practices, and very small mainly urban populations of other Christians, Hindus, and Muslims. Political and Economic Conditions The post-World War II era brought the end of colonial rule, and the nation was immediately brought under the control of the Sonto family, who came from the wealthy agricultural elite in what began as a relatively benevolent dictatorship.

Newspapers were shut down and radio and television stations became mouthpieces for the dictatorship. Opposition political parties were outlawed, and plans to hold elections were repeatedly delayed. The people, therefore, have little experience with voting and political debate, and are inexperienced with democratic concepts such as the rule of law, fair representation, and protection of individual and minority group rights.

Most of the army generals supported one of their own, Aref Pech, as he made plans for and led the overthrow of the dictator, and those who did not support him remained silent. The military now favors the development of a democratic system. No major ethnic tensions exist.

However, among people from rural areas, the urban poor, and those with non-European ancestry, there is a strong sense that they deserve greater political power and economic benefits. Tribal loyalties are still strong in various rural regions, and although they were held together as a nation under the Sonto dictatorship, these regional groups now welcome the chance for greater independence given to them by the successful rebellion.

Profits from the developing textile and furniture manufacturing industries were largely diverted to the ruling family over the past three decades and foreign investment dried up during that time.

The colonial powers established firm boundaries centuries ago, and there have been no major disputes over land, resources, or regional power.

Most neighboring nations are currently struggling to develop or maintain democratic governments but have had military dictatorships in the past.It is clear the United States is a 'state' by true definition, why organized states were initially created is, however, still on the table; but one of the divisive factors that divide Americans is the role in which the government should play in all four purposes of the government.

In an Authoritarian government, it is controlled by a single person or a dominant elite, the military shows full support, the government itself is not accountable for its actions, the media can be censored, and the public is not allowed to criticize the government.

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A Form of Government for Xlandia - Free Essay Example

Representing seven nations with varying experience in democratic government, the student groups consider parliamentary versus presidential systems, federalism, balancing power among the three branches, and the need to create conditions that will sustain democracy.

Xlandia's Government Reform Plan Constitution We propose that Xlandia have a written constitution because its previous unwritten constitution lead them to a dictator.

Countries that have this include USA, Japan, France Xlandia should have a federalist parliamentary since it considers itself divided by its regions and it is inexperienced with democracy. Republican form of government for the EU Essay.

I am going to look at the possible organization of the European Union through the prism of republicanism - Republican form of government for the EU Essay introduction.

A form of government for xlandia

Continuing the Idea of my previous writing, I would Like to make the public goods be the object of the present paper.

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