An analysis of transaction cost and agency theory in alternative ways to control employees in an org

Overview[ edit ] In simplified terms, the theory of the firm aims to answer these questions:

An analysis of transaction cost and agency theory in alternative ways to control employees in an org

It is based on the principle that costs will arise when you get someone else to do something for you.

An analysis of transaction cost and agency theory in alternative ways to control employees in an org

External transactions Transaction costs will occur when dealing with another external party: Search and information costs: Bargaining and decision costs: Policing and enforcement costs: For example a beer company owning breweries, public houses and suppliers removes the problems of negotiating prices between supplier and retailer.

Transaction costs can be further impacted Bounded rationality: The significance and impact of these criteria will allow the company to decide whether to expand internally possibly through vertical integration or deal with external parties.

The variables that dictate the impact on the transaction costs are: Internal transactions Transaction costs still occur within a company, transacting between departments or business units. The same concepts of bounded rationality and opportunism on the part of directors or managers can be used to view the motivation behind any decision.

The three variables are said by Williamson to operate as an economic formula to determining behaviour and so decisions: Possible conclusions from transaction cost theory Opportunistic behaviour could have dire consequences on financing and strategy of businesses, hence discouraging potential investors.

Businesses therefore organise themselves to minimise the impact of bounded rationality and opportunism as much as possible.

Governance costs build up including internal controls to monitor management.

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Managers become more risk averse seeking the safe ground of easily governed markets. Transaction cost theory versus agency theory Transaction cost theory and agency theory essentially deal with the same issues and problems.

Where agency theory focuses on the individual agent, transaction cost theory focuses on the individual transaction. Agency theory looks at the tendency of directors to act in their own best interests, pursuing salary and status.

Transaction cost theory considers that managers or directors may arrange transactions in an opportunistic way. The corporate governance problem of transaction cost theory is, however, not the protection of ownership rights of shareholders as is the agency theory focusrather the effective and efficient accomplishment of transactions by firms.

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The Model’s Flaws. Let’s look at where these ideas go astray. 1. Agency theory is at odds with corporate law: Legally, shareholders do not have the rights of “owners” of the corporation. It is emphasized that the transaction cost economics principles are durable but derived from transaction costs theory and agency theory to help explain and predict the use of pliers, employees, customers, capital providers and regulators), a cost-efficient IT infrastructure can. Firstly, your humble writer, who was distracted first by untimely (though much enjoyed) reserve duty, and then quite a heavy workload, failed to convey his profound and (at the time) prophetic commentary on important recent events; Putin and Ukraine, the capture of El Chapo, and so forth.

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