An analysis of winfield scotts anaconda plan

Army for twenty years. A hero of the War of and the Mexican War —and the Whig Party candidate for president inhe was one of the most famous men in America and, despite age and infirmity, one of its best military minds.

An analysis of winfield scotts anaconda plan

It consisted of a large-scale blockade of ports in the South, combined with a Federal attack along the Mississippi River, aimed at splitting the Confederacy.

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It received the name because of its relative passivity: Birth of the Anaconda Plan Scott was the first man to draw up a military strategy to put down the uprising in the Southern states. As early as the beginning of Aprilhe had regular meetings with President Abraham Lincoln, in which he offered his thoughts on the current situation.

The briefings he gave resulted in refinement of the military objectives to which the Union would aspire. McClellan that he felt a properly enforced blockade of Confederate-held ports, together with an advance along the Mississippi, would allow the establishment of Federal positions and leave the Confederacy disorganized, isolated, and with no alternative but to agree to terms.

Scott took his ideas to Lincoln, and explained in more detail exactly what he proposed should be done. He suggested that a force of 60, men, accompanied by gunboats, should pass along the Mississippi to make it secure for Union in a line from the Illinois city of Cairo to the Gulf of Mexico.

Together with the blockade, he felt that this would be sufficient to isolate the South. At this point, thought Scott, those in the South who agreed with the Union of whom he believed there were many more than had stated their positions publicly would force their governors to agree to surrender.

An analysis of winfield scotts anaconda plan

Scott was, however, mistaken: It was agitating for battle. Nevertheless, the plan was accepted after some hesitation by the Union command. It was put into action inand consisted of several parts. The Objectives Battle of Vicksburg First, the South would be divided by the United States gaining control of the Mississippi — and thereby cutting it off from the West.

If the Union succeeded in its intention to capture it, then it would allow men and arms to be transported with much greater ease to the South. Grant, did indeed achieve this aim and from that point onward, the Confederacy was fighting a losing battle in many respects.

Another important aspect of the plan was to capture the valley of the Tennessee River. The city of Nashville was served by no fewer than five railroads, while as well as the Tennessee River itself, the state also played host to the Cumberland River. There was also a major ironworks at Clarksville, on the border of the state with Kentucky.

Tennessee was therefore an important center for the distribution and marshaling of resources, and Nashville quickly became a major holding point for supply and arms stockpiles. Two forts, Fort Donelson and Fort Henry, were constructed to defend the area — but Grant captured Fort Donelson in Februaryafter which Southern commander General Albert Sidney Johnston, realizing that his position was impossible, drew back from Nashville.

An analysis of winfield scotts anaconda plan

The depot passed into Federal control, where it remained for the rest of the war, providing the Union with another crushing advantage. The presence of the blockade was also intended to be instrumental in stopping the Confederacy from trading with the outside world, in either direction. The South needed to import raw materials in order to prosecute the war, especially after the loss of the stockpiles at Nashville.

The fact that these plants were largely grown in plantations worked by slave labor was not lost on the combatants. The final aim of the plan was that the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia, would be overrun by United States forces.

By that time, the war was drawing to a close; indeed, General Robert E. Lee would surrender his own army a matter of days later. Although the capture of Richmond did have some morale-boosting value, by springit was of minor significance militarily.

Aftermath It was the Western Theater of the American Civil War that proved to be the most important region in the final defeat of the Confederacy, and this area was also that which was most significant to the Anaconda Plan itself.

The successful campaign by the Union to take control of the Tennessee Valley and Mississippi River greatly exacerbated the mismatch in resource levels between the two sides; without the plan, they would have been fighting on considerably more equal terms.

Grant himself showed by his victories during this period that he was a highly able commander, and a man who had the ability — as Lincoln later recognized — to command the Union forces in their entirety.

Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.Source Anaconda Plan Seasoned year-old General-in-Chief Winfield Scott, commander of the U.S. Army since , outlined a plan below to strangle the Confederacy by taking control of the Mississippi and enforcing a coastal blockade.

The Anaconda Plan was the initial Civil War strategy devised by General Winfield Scott of the U.S. Army to put down the rebellion by the Confederacy in Anaconda Plan Winfield Scott's original plan on how to crush the rebellion. General-in-chief Winfield Scott was a great leader of the union troops during the civil war.

He fought many battles and came up with various military strategies.

Anaconda Plan

Anaconda Plan Contributed by Brendan Wolfe The Anaconda Plan was the nickname attached to Lieutenant General Winfield Scott 's comprehensive plan to defeat the Confederacy at the start of the American Civil War (–).

Source Anaconda Plan Seasoned year-old General-in-Chief Winfield Scott, commander of the U.S. Army since , outlined a plan below to strangle the Confederacy by taking control of the Mississippi and enforcing a coastal blockade.

Start studying History Chapter Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. (Anaconda Plan by General Winfield Scott) 1. Create a blockade along the Southern coastline 2. Split South at Mississippi Winfield Scott created this plan.

Blockaded the southern coastline at the Mississippi.

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