An introduction to the reasons why germany was defeated in world war one

The reasons for these invasions varied from country to country, as shown by these examples. Czechoslovakia The occupation of the Sudetenland, the border regions in the north and west of Czechoslovakia, was the first time Hitler flexed his military muscles in Europe.

An introduction to the reasons why germany was defeated in world war one

How were the Central Powers defeated in World War 1?

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Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria. The Central Powers were defeated because of 7 main reasons. This then became a major strain for the Germans as they had to fight on two fronts. The second reason was that the combined power of the Allied naval forces was more superior than that of the Central Powers.

The third reason was that the German submarine campaign had failed due to the convoys that they were targeting were being protected by British, American and Japanese destroyers. The failed submarine campaign also proved to be a huge mistake as it brought the USA into the war.

This also meant that the Allied forces were able to produce more war materials than the Central Powers, which proved to be decisive.

The fifth reason was that the Allied political leaders Lloyd George and Clemenceau were more competent than the political leaders of the Central Powers. For example the Allied political leaders were responsible for transforming the inexperienced British Expeditionary Force into a war-winning army and because they had improved the coordination between the infantry and artillery.

The sixth reason was that the Germans could not cope with their strain of heavy losses. The Germans lost their best troops in the offensive, which became a major problem as their new troops were all young and inexperienced.

Meanwhile, the Allied forces were gaining more troops due to the arrival of the USA, who brought the Allied forces tally up to around 2 million. In addition, the Spanish Flu played a pivotal role in the downfall of the German forces as many soldiers fell sick and died, causing the German morale levels to drop rapidly.

From July onwards, the young and inexperienced Germans were forced to retreat. During that time someGerman soldiers surrendered to the Allied forces. The seventh and final reason was that the Germans were severely let down by their allies.

This was because they constantly had to support the Austrians and Bulgarians. The combined British and Serbian victory over the Bulgarians was the final straw for most German soldiers, as they had lost all hope in winning the war.

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Austria was defeated by the Italians at Vittorio-Venteto and Turkey had surrendered. The defeat of the Central Powers during World War 1 was mainly due to the combination of military defeat and food shortages which produced:It was through a war with France in that Germany was united, and France was among the Allied powers that had beaten Germany in the First World War.

Revenge for that war was a huge part of Hitler’s agenda, making war between the two countries almost inevitable.

An introduction to the reasons why germany was defeated in world war one

Dec 14,  · When America joined the war in after the German navy sunk a British ocean liner with more than 2, American citizens onboard the ship, over 1, Americans lost their lives, this was the cause that forced America to join world war 1 which could ve led to Germany s defeat, and it Resolved.

During World War 1, the Central Powers consisted of: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria.

An introduction to the reasons why germany was defeated in world war one

The Central Powers were defeated because of 7 main reasons. 1. Dec 23,  · Yahoo India Answers Sign in Sign in Mail ⚙ Help Account Info; Help; Send feedback. May 14,  · Why was the Axis defeated in the Second World War and why did it take so long?

Introduction During the Second World War, the two main warring sides were the Allies and the (+44) Nov 18,  · Germany overextended itself. It took on to many enemies to be able to defeat them all.

The three major mistakes, in order, were: 1) not finishing off Great Britain before turning on the USSR; 2) invading the USSR; 3) declaring war on the USA after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

The last two mistakes were Open.

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