Clean pranks

Look no further, these clean camp pranks will get you or your favorite camper unparalleled recognition and a lynching all at the same time. It all depends on who witnessed or was on the receiving end of the funny prank. This list of camp pranks was compiled by reading many testimonies of very experienced campers who have seen and done just about everything to someone else

Clean pranks

Then there are the lesser-known pranks, and the outrageous pranks that make national news.

Clean pranks

A lunchtime or pre-work can turn a ho-hum business setting into a corporation with a powerful team culture, as long as no one gets too pissed off, embarrassed or humiliated. Pranking your friends and co-workers can also be quite lucrative.

At least for some people. Then you have obviously never heard of Dr. No problem except he passed the photos of the sleeping, tusked employee around the office without mentioning it to her. Of course she eventually saw the photos. She felt humiliated, quit her job and sued Dr. So you see, even if you get sued for pranking someone, it could be more lucrative than buying a winning lottery ticket—or not.

That said, as long as there are offices there will be pranksters. And so here are some of my all-time favorite pranks: Some of my favorite office pranks of all time have to do with construction, or what looks like construction, because no one thinks something is wrong. The confused reaction of each person as they rounded the corner expecting to walk down the hall to their office only to Clean pranks greeted by a new wall complete with a fake fire extinguisher box was priceless!

Another variation of this prank where people come in over the weekend or at night and literally build a wall to close off the hallway where the executive staff offices are located.

Where did my office go? An associate in a top tier law firm who was known as a bit of a prankster himself took a two-week vacation. While he was gone his peers covered everything in his office in aluminum foil. When he returned and opened the door to his office the whole room chairs, desk, computer, pencils, electric cords, cabinets, baseball cap on his coat rack, and even his light fixtures… were all shiny in their new silver coverings.

Another colleague had everything in his office glued to the surface where it was kept. His phone, fax, paper clips, pens, papers, chairs was glued to the surfaces in his office with hot glue less mess to clean up and fast.

Then his co-workers filled the office with balloons! Once he cleaned up all the balloons he thought he was home free, until he tried to move his computer mouse.

Clean pranks

Copier Capers Talk to Me: The memo stated that all the copier systems had been recently upgraded and until everyone could be trained in all the proper procedures they just needed to know the machines were now completely voice-activated—like Siri, to comply with new accessibility laws.

I have to admit; this prank got me but good. Someone photocopied a paperclip in the middle of a page otherwise blank copier paper. Then they made like 20 copies and put them back in the tray of the photocopier. I made copies and then went crazy trying to figure out where the paper clip on my documents was.

I thought it was stuck to the page, then the glass of the copier. I went through my entire report about ten times looking for the paperclip.

This apparently works even better with a few long, stray hairs, a finger smudge, a coffee ring etc. Office Chairs You know what, office chairs are designed for pranking. If you do it correctly when the person sits down the chair depresses enough to set off the air horn under their seat.

The bottom of office chairs are also great places to tape a remotely activated fart speaker, or a can of Febreeze that sprays every time someone sits down. Office Desks Watering Hole: Apply shaving cream, whipped cream, or something similar to the bottom of the desk just before the victim sits down.

Find Waldo Fun with PhotoShop: Take a photo of your co-worker. Or, make it the same size of the people in a group on a safety poster.

Glue or tape the photo on the posters and wait for someone to notice.

Hilariously Funny Camp Prank Ideas That are Just Perfect

Feel free to add hats, moustaches or other apparel to any official paintings or posters you can change without defacing or damaging them permanently. This is especially effective if you can do it to photos other co-workers have posted around their office or cubicle space.

Happy, Happy, Happy The beauty of being part of a large work force is that every week, or at least every month, someone has a birthday, or retires, or gets a new intern in their department. Of course announcing holidays, birthdays and retirement parties or new interns coming on board is like chumming the waters for the really dedicated pranksters.Always be prepared to help clean up your pranks.

More Fun and Safe Pranks. Some pranks are perfect for specific situations. Whether you're playing a trick on your college roommate or pranking a co-worker, the following may help. Car Pranks. Does your friend or family member live behind the wheel of his car?

5 Easy, Clean and Funny April Fools' Jokes the good-natured pranks of the day bring out the kid in all of us, regardless of age. The best part about this trick is . Before April Fools Day let your victim know you have a bunch of pranks in store constantly.

Then get a piece of paper, fold it up, and write APRIL FOOLS PRANKS on one side. Then leave the paper where they will see it on April Fools Day. If you called a friend and said you were the police, that would be a prank phone call. Some pranks can be mean and even dangerous, while others are silly.

Some people prank their friends, while others prank people they dislike. 17 Absolutely Brutal Pranks To Play On Your Friends. Because life's too short not to be an utter bastard to your loved one. Alanna Okun / BuzzFeed It's easy: 17 Harmless April Fools' Pranks That Are Easy To Pull Off.

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