Corporate finance mba thesis

A work submitted by a MBA student in order to gain a degree in business management is called a dissertation.

Corporate finance mba thesis

In order to succeed in its aim, the following key aspects have been evaluated: Finally, to analyse why some companies are not certified yet, which sustainability activities these organisations do and if they plan to get certified with sustainable standards in the future.

In contrast to the previous literature, which is suffered from lack of empirical knowledge, this research contributes to existing knowledge by implementing the convergent parallel research design and focusing on motives of the companies for implementing the standards, benefits and challenges faced by companies while implementing those standards, and how the adoption of sustainable initiatives and standards influence on customer loyalty.

The results reveal that the notion of CSR is popular concern among different companies and organisations in the industry. In particular, the results show the implementation of sustainable standards is driven by several motives, such as increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction, ability to access international markets and acknowledging Social Responsibility.

In addition, the findings reveal the main benefits of adopting the standards: Moreover, it is important to highlight that some companies face challenges while implementing the standards such as lack of internal expertise on sustainable standards. It can be concluded, that providing of better and clear guidelines for implementing sustainable standards are needed.

Dissertation Objectives To present the theoretical framework of sustainability and CSR and the increasing relevance of sustainability in the meeting industry and the inherent gaps in this.

To discuss the most commonly implemented sustainable standards in the meeting industry sector. To conduct a primary research in order to determine the motives of the meeting industry companies to implementing sustainable standards.

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To analyse benefits obtained from adopting sustainable standards as well as to find out which challenges the companies face while implement the standards. To discover how certification with standards influences on customer loyalty and which reporting activities companies undertake or plan to undertake.

To analyse why some companies are not certified yet, which sustainability activities these organisations do and if they plan to get certified with sustainable standards in the future. View all posts by Steve Jones Posted on.MBA FINANCE Master of Business Administration (MBA) MBA in Finance Graduate Program IICSE University The Program Structure: MBA FINANCE MBA FINANCE The thesis A thesis on a particular topic of your choice (with a Supervisor s approval) will be completed by each student in the last semester.

Corporate finance mba thesis

There is considerable. MBA thesis databases; Sample papers on terrorism; Setting up the front page; Picking Interesting Dissertation Topics In Finance: Great Suggestions. Writing a dissertation in finance may be a challenging task.

This subject is rather difficult, but it’s interesting too.


Corporate finance directors. If you choose this topic, you may do. Investment And Fund Management. INTRODUCTION Corporate finance is the vast field that encompass lots of things.

In the current report portfolio are evaluated in terms of their performance. Corporate Governance Finance Dissertation Report, Projects Thesis,Topics Ideas,Abstracts,Synopsis,Full Reports Free Download for MBA in Financial or Finance Management in PDF, DOC The Finance Department has four areas of specialization: Banking and Financial Institutions, which entails the overall economic context affecting a firm’s investments Corporate Finance, concentrating on the financing and investment activities of an organization.

In addition, the textbook for the course is the tenth edition of Principles of Corporate Finance, by Brealey, Myers and Allen (BMA); a detailed outline - with references to this text - is attached.

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