Fedex e business model

The Geography of Transport Systems Overview The mobility of people, freight and information is fundamental to economic and social activities such as commuting, manufacturing, distributing goods, or supplying energy.

Fedex e business model

MrFedEx Engorged Member Someone mentioned the FedEx Business Model in another thread and it got me thinking about how the "model" has changed and evolved over the years. Federal Express not FedEx was highly progressive and placed a high value on frontline employees.

The emphasis on providing great service was almost a religion at the company because it was widely accepted and permeated the entire organization.

The payoff was huge because customers were willing to pay a hefty premium for an outstanding experience and a virtual guarantee that it absolutely, positively would be there overnight and on time.

If Federal Express screwed-up, we took responsibility and made it right, even if it took expediting the package at a net loss. Smith went to Washington, but he focused on changing regulations that allowed the company to grow, like removing the size restriction on aircraft used for the air express business.

Even though we Fedex e business model non-union, the company was actually pro-employee, and though we never equaled UPS on pay and benefits, we were always close. The company maintained high standards of integrity and ethics, sometimes to the point of excess.

The new FedEx business model is the total opposite. Frontline employees are a necessary evil these days, and not much else.

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We used to be assets, but now we are simply units of production. Like widgets in a machine, we can be replaced at will. Now we provide "acceptable" service, and customers have to live with it.

The package is going to sit until the next day. We will do nothing for the customer but offer lame excuses or outright lies.

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Smith lives in Washington most of the time, and his main focus is on preserving the anti-union, anti-employee culture that has arisen at Express. FedEx does everything it can to ensure that it operates on the fringes of the law, breaking it when they can, and paying-off token lawsuits when they cannot.

Fred wants the lowest cost structure he can possibly have, and he wants it by taking away as much as he can legally from the hourly workforce. Besides all of the benefits we have lost, the RLA also gives Smith the opportunity to contract-out whatver he can.

Over the years, Fred has outsourced whatever he could.

Fedex e business model

FedEx is a parasite that lives-off the dead "host" that was Federal Express. None of this is true. There is no reason for employees to go the extra mile Over time, this attitude has permeated throughout the company to the point that few want to take responsibility and even fewer want to make the effort to straighten it out.

The new model works, but only on an subsistence level.

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I know so many customers that have been burned over and over by FedEx, so they only use us when they have to and seek-out the lowest cost alternative. In an industry dominated by "acceptable" service levels, FedEx Express no longer stands out. For a lot of companies it is absolutely worth it to pay a premium for superb service.

It makes their product look better and allows them to sell more of it to their satisfied customer. The same for the package that missed the plane at the origin station. Nobody at FedEx cares if the customer is. FedEx, where low costs equal mediocre service and a crap customer experience.

You get what you pay for, Fred.Sep 30,  · FedEx Ground's independent contractor model for package delivery and line-haul drivers provides the freedom for owner-operators to essentially run their own business. The more the company succeeds, the more money they can make. If Author: Former Employee - Service Manager II.

Apr 16,  · MEMPHIS, Tenn(BUSINESS WIRE)--FedEx Corporation today announced that Michael L. Ducker, President and CEO of its FedEx Freight subsidiary, will retire effective August 15, Ducker took the.

FedEx History. When Fredrick Smith was attending college at Yale in , he was arguing with a professor about a business model for delivery service. Let me give you 10 reasons why you should organize FedEx days (or: hackatons) yourself (or to convince your boss to do so).

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