History marketing in the philippines

The history of marketing is wonderfully illustrated in the story The evolution of Marketing absolute must read! One of the main reasons for this is that acquiring a new […] Anita January 31, - 5:

History marketing in the philippines

Tech Features The 9 trends that will shape digital marketing in the Philippines in Digital marketing expert Gary Viray shares his insights and observations on how businesses can reach out best to today's connected Filipinos Published 7: All these are driven by the growing internet and social media usage in the country.

History marketing in the philippines

What do these figures mean and why should you care? Consumers have become more technology-savvy than ever, and their needs are constantly changing. Your brand must be able to keep up with such challenges. You need solid strategies for your digital marketing campaigns so that your brand remains relevant to your target market.

What are these changes we anticipate? First is the rise of ad blockers that History marketing in the philippines more than million people all over the world, according to adblocking authority PageFair, to prevent display ads from disrupting their browsing experience.

Secondly, a Kantar TNS research in shows that Filipinos are among the world's most accepting and trusting of brands on social media. Moreover, Filipinos use the internet on their mobile devices for over 3. Also noteworthy is the growth of mobile shopping or m-commerce in the country.

The Philippines posted the highest year-on-year increase in mobile shopping in Asia-Pacific based on a consumer poll conducted in by Mastercard. With more Pinoys getting mobile-savvy and having access to cheaper and faster mobile data plans, brands should prioritize mobile marketing in their digital marketing campaigns for Looking back at the past years, videos were obviously the favorite content format among local fast-food chains.

The two leading brands, Jollibee and McDonalds, have churned out one tear-jerking video after another. Other brands caught on later in with light and funny video campaigns, the most popular ones being Max's eccentric video ad, shown below, and KFC's search for the first Filipino colonel.

As long as they tell heartwarming stories Filipinos could easily relate to or something to tickle their funny bone, videos will continue to be watched, liked, and shared in Of course, that would mean more exposure for such brands.

This year, we can expect more industries to invest in this game-changing technology. Spurring this growth is the institutionalization of big data as a profession, as well as the subsequent entry of big data professionals in the workforce. About four years ago, some universities in the country began to include Big Data and Analytics subjects in their undergraduate business and IT courses.

For any company that strives to understand its customers better, it makes good business sense to leverage big data. Because Filipinos are among the heaviest internet and mobile users in the world, huge amounts of data can be collected to study their online behaviors.

The more you know about your target customers' wants, needs, and dislikes, the better you can decide which marketing tactics will effectively communicate your brand message.

Shopping malls use it to entice more families to visit their facilities and more moviegoers to watch in their cinemas. Some major Philippine newspapers and magazines use it to save the declining readership in the country. A local fast-food chain used it to encourage people to visit their branches.

Nonetheless, in the near future, these AI-powered computer programs will redefine interactions between brands and consumers. Although their functions seem to focus more on customer service than brand promotion, chatbots are very promising as marketing tools.

For example, consumers can ask a chatbot about the bank's deposit account, credit card or loan offerings. Convenience and speed are the biggest advantages of using chatbots.

In just a few taps on their smartphones, potential customers can get instant answers rather than go through the hassle of personally visiting a branch or calling a company's hotline.

Using chatbots will continue to be an effective way to connect with customers, considering that Facebook Messenger is the Filipinos' instant messaging tool of choice.

However, FB Messenger's popularity is not enough to sustain the consumers' interest. A Amdocs-commissioned worldwide survey found that Filipinos preferred polite, smart, caring, fully customizable, and funny chatbots.

Thus, the challenge for companies that will use chatbots in is making them behave, think, and look like a human. If they can do that, we may see higher engagement levels between humans and bots in industries other than banking.

Screen shot from YouTube. While it was launched three years ago, its significant impact on refining search query becomes more apparent in and beyond.A digital marketing innovation that has been around in the Philippines for almost a decade, augmented reality (AR) allows businesses to provide customers a new, immersive way to experience their.

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History marketing in the philippines

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