Lessons learned bsg game

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Lessons learned bsg game

In order to tell you, I need to first step back in time a quarter century. When I was a child, I had two passions: I took piano lessons and loved the physical act of making music.

Lessons learned bsg game

I skipped introductory practice pieces and scales and moved almost immediately to Gershwin classics, Joplin rags, and the occasional Beethoven or Mozart. The more energy a piece could burn, the more I put into it.

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I also adored the movies. My mother took me to the cinema even when I was an infant. I was so small, she had to hold the seat down or else it would snap up and devour me. I was about five years old when movie music first caught my ear. My favorite toy at the time was a Fisher-Price tape recorder.

About the size of a lunch-box, it was durable enough to endure the rigors of playtime.

Lessons learned bsg game

It allowed me to record the sounds of the world and play them back later, an accomplishment that absolutely blew my mind. Eventually, it occurred to me that I could use this marvelous device to record the music from my favorite movies and play it back later! It was bad enough that all the dialog and sound effects were already in the way!

Despite the occasional interruption from the audience, I got my recording. Two years later, my life would be forever changed. I wandered through the neighborhood drugstore with my grandfather, who always bought me a little toy or action figure every Wednesday, after picking me up from early-release day at school.

On my way to the toy aisle, I came across the cramped cassette-tape section. Something caught my eye and I stopped in my tracks. But, I begged, pleaded and wore him down. He bought me my first soundtrack cassette.

At last I could feast on the luscious details my favorite composers put into their music. These cassettes stripped away the dialog and narrative of the film, and freed me to imagine my own worlds as I listened to the music.

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I bought every soundtrack I could find. My Christmas and birthday lists were filled with nothing but requests for new soundtracks. Every time I got a new album, I would sit before my stereo with the booklet and listen to every track from top to bottom, making note of my favorites.

Soundtracks were never background music for me, they were an emotional journey. Composers were my rock stars: I would go to movies just to hear their new melodies, and run out of the theater to buy the soundtracks.

I was finally able to combine my two greatest passions:Like many MBA students, I participated in an online simulation of running a business known as the Business Strategy Game (BSG).

For those who aren’t familiar with the simulation, it allows teams of students to compete with each other in building shoe manufacturing plants and .

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- Class of I lived in Laurelton from until when I married Larry Kuskin, a graduate of AJHS in The Business Strategy Game: A Global Industry Simulation [Arthur A., Jr. Thompson, Gregory J. Stappenbeck] on initiativeblog.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The Business Strategy Game is the #1 selling computer simulation in the strategic management market. Simulation games are the single best exercise available for helping students understand how the functional pieces of a business fit.

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