Pumpkin writing activities for preschoolers

It is so easy to use with kids of different ages, requires minimal setup and cleanup, and is sure to keep my kids occupied for a bit while also providing benefits to their development. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience see full disclosure here. Shoulder and arm strengthening: More info and ideas related to shoulder strength and its relation to fine motor development HERE.

Pumpkin writing activities for preschoolers

Pumpkin Ideas, Lessons, Printables, and More!!! Learning about pumpkins is a great way to start October.

pumpkin writing activities for preschoolers

Here you will find many ideas for a unit on pumpkins. This page is updated often in September and October! Stop by to see what is new. Now grab some Pumpkin Spice Coffee and enjoy the ideas!!! Have the students estimate the pumpkins weight, then actually weigh the pumpkin. To make it more difficult - use a bathroom scale.

First the students weigh themselves and then they get on the scale with the pumpkin. Have the students subtract the first weight from the second to get the weight of the pumpkin! Estimate the circumfrence of the pumpkin by having the students cut a piece of yarn that they think will fit around the pumpkin.

Sort pieces by too short, too long and just right Use the five senses to describe the pumpkin Compare pumpkins to apples. Use a Venn Diagram to do this! Pass out cards with numbers on them, have students glue seeds to the given number.

Use pumpkin seeds to make a picture.

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Give each student the letters p, u, m, k, i, n Now ask them to make the following words! I used the pattern found in this packet to make little old lady puppets for all my students. I stapled the head to the top of the bag. Once they retell the story with friends at school they can take it home for so much more fun and retelling practice.

Watch The Pumpkin Grow When doing a unit on pumpkins it is fun to discuss how they grow. Our Preschool and Kindergarten Pumpkin Packet has pocket chart resources, little books, puzzles, and more to help you teach about the pumpkin life cycle.

The pictures show you some examples! Click here to get these printables and more at our store! Most pumpkins are various shade of orange, but did you know that some varieties are yellow, white, or even other colors?We love pumpkin crafts and activities during the Fall and Halloween time!! Toddler Approved!: 9 Pumpkin Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

Read it. 9 Pumpkin Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers These pumpkin activities are perfect for integrating a science unit about pumpkins with reading and writing!

Learn about the. On orange paper, have children draw a medium size pumpkin– or trace a pumpkin-face template.

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Cut-out the shape. On one side design a happy jack-o-lantern face—and on the other side, design a scary or sad-faced jack-o-lantern. Pumpkin Life Cycle Activities Set - This adorable set includes a Pumpkin Life Cycle flip-up book (in color and B&W), a crown activity (in color and B&W), vocab cards, sequencing cards (great for pocket charts and centers!), and two practice pages (one is shown in the picture).

These free, hands-on preschool math activities help preschoolers get acquainted with counting, patterns and more. Check them out. Fall Activities for Kids {with Pumpkin Seeds} Pumpkin seeds make for some fabulous sensory play in the Fall.

pumpkin writing activities for preschoolers

They are also great for lots of other Fall activities, especially arts and crafts. You can buy bags of pumpkin seeds or wait until you carve pumpkins and use those. Once washed and cleaned you can add color and scent, too! Students practice writing creatively from the pumpkin’s point of view.

Grade Level(s): Halloween Candy Sort A post-Halloween math activity that uses sorting, classification, and a Venn Diagram. Grade Level(s): K, Pumpkins Printables A collection of pumpkin-themed printable activities and pages.

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