Should teenagers be treated as adults in the court of law

Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults?

Should teenagers be treated as adults in the court of law

When an individual commits such an offense, even if his certified age is below the categorisation for the adult, but their mind is working far beyond their age. The girl is made handicapped with respect to her self-esteem, confidence, respect, courage apart from the physical trauma.

This combined physical and mental assault on a female is highly objectionable and definitely needs to be punished severely.

The pain and trauma of the girl could not be relieved with the punishment of the accused, but we can save many other females of our society from that particular accused. The punishment should be severe to the extent that others should not even think if committing such an offense.

If accused escapes such a crime under the cover of being a juvenile, then it will be a booster for other under age individuals to escape smartly by committing brutal offenses. I feel in our constitution defination of adult should be revised particularly for rapes and murders.

Everyone who is promoting the idea of not punishing juvenile strickly ,please do give a thought to those who lost thier kith and kins in such type of accident. Since our judicial system has failed to punish our adult for such a heinous crime how can we think that it will make provision to punish juvenile.

Juvenile rapists should be treated same as adults

A person should be judged by the extent of crime he has committed. In case of juvenile rapists, if they have the knowledge of what insane act they are doing then how can they be treated as child or by giving less punishment does not compensate for their sins.

Otherwise there are chances of it becoming a habit that can carry on till later life of that person. If such actions of teenagers are ignored then it will motivate other juveniles to do the same crime and get away and this would result in increase in crimes.

Adolescents, Maturity, And The Law

In fact there should be strict laws for discouraging young children from committing such crimes. This needs to be stopped and the only way to stop the same is to start treating their violent behaviour with strict actions. If teenagers are adult enough to do such crime then they are adult enough to be punished for that crime.

As it is dependent on the mental state of the individual rather than the age of the person. Criminality is in the mind and not in the age. Hence should be punished accordingly. Looking at the current social scenario where children are being exposed to, there is a need to re-think the juvenile age.

In that age they lack the ability to decide what is right and what is wrong for them. They do not have the same thought processes that adults have.

They act on emotions or wants, without thinking about their actions completely. According to recent studies, the brain's prefrontal lobe, which some scientists speculate plays a crucial role in inhibiting inappropriate behaviour, may not reach full development until age Hence they should not be treated with any harsh punishment rather be given a chance to rehabilitate and motivate them to take the right path.

Thus, these factors should be considered while treating juvenile rapists as adults. Government should let juveniles remain in the juvenile justice system in order to protect their physical and mental health, giving them a better chance at rehabilitation for the crime they committed.Bang!

The sound of the gavel is one that most of us hope we never hear in person. For three teenagers from Los Angeles, it is already too late. Learning Objectives.

This is an intermediate level course. After completing this course, mental health professionals will be able to: Briefly discuss the history and prevalence of ADHD in adults.

A 15 year old commits a crime, depending on the seriousness of the crime, that child should be treated as an adult.

Should teenagers be treated as adults in the court of law

Children in the past have been given many but not all of the due process protection that is recognized in adult criminal courts, so why can’t children be treated as adults if they.

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Should teenagers be treated as adults in the court of law

Many are never the same. All crimes should be treated in the same regard, whether they are teenagers or adults.

A crime is a crime, when teenagers commit a murder or rape, that is a crime that adult would most likely do. If teenagers have the capability to commit a crime they should have the same capability to .

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