Swot fashion whistles

Customer Targeting By Dr. Typically, the new customer comes in as an endorser, which you should capitalize on.

Swot fashion whistles

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This needs to be taken into consideration, because the store environments of Whitsles in England tend to often be quite small, and Whistles would loose customers because of that. Another consumer trend is the attachment to celbrities.

This is the reason shows like American Idol are famous in America. Many brands such as Maybeline or Cover Girl always use fresh celebrity faces in their campaigns. According to observations which were carried out in Manhattan, consumers in America tend to like the attention and the personalized experience while shopping.

For example, the store attendants would often talk to the customer as soon as he or she would enter the store. The staff in the stores would always be wearing the latest collections, and were able to always give advice about the outfit.

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Overall, every store had a pleasant, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere. However in Britain, consumers tend to like to left alone unless they havde a question themselves.

However, consumers today tend to like brands that are in the premium market, and would rather buy one item that is more expensive, and recieve good service rather than buying several cheaper items.

Therefore, the main concern Whistles needs to adress is the size of the stores, maintaining the high quality of the garments, and striving for exceptional customer service. This can be achieved by using a beautiful ,sophisticated interior style which wil be modern, but also soft and feminine.

There wil be lots of sitting room, and different sections according to garment collections, and types. Some of the styles that could be used for the exterior could be modern, polished, and high class. One of the architects that could be used is McLean Quinlan.

His modernistic style would be perfect for the Whistles flagship store on the Upper East Side. This wil also help the store stand out from the other high end designer stores. The brand in America is looked at as a very high quality, high street brand.

The interiors of the stores in Boston, La, and New York are very impressive. The stores are very spacious and large and have a strong interior design. The most recent one featured the photographer Ryan McGinley, who photographed portraits of different celebrities such as Lou Doil on or Mitch Ferrin, in a form of a photobooth shoot in New York city.

This worked quite well for the brand because it is showing how the brand knows who the top people are now in the industry, yet the photos are quite friendly, and welcoming. This campaign helps people associate more things with the brand, and feel more attached to it. One thing that Whistles can learn from this brand is to always launch interesting campaigns with insiprational photographers and interesting subjects.

In addition, the interior design of the shops is always very extravagant. Communication Strategy The Launch The launch event for the Whistles flagship store wil be simple, clean, and sophisacated. The launch wil take place in late summer or early fall, right after the New York Fashion Week The event that would be most suitable for opening the Whistles store in the Upper East Side would be an evening cocktail party, with attending American socialites, and the celebrities listed below, including actresses, designers, and socialites.

The celebrities wil be invited in order to attract more attention from the press, which wil be from mixed media. The event wil be held inside the actual Whistles store, and wil start with a classic champagne reception.

After a greeting and a warm welcome by Jane Shepherdson, the guests wil be greeted by the designers of Whistles and Pandora, who wil brief the guests on current trends, and about the Pandora brand collaboration. Shortly after, the guests wil be able to design their own personalised Pandora bracelets, and wil get their pictures taken by professional photographers, and have short interviews during the length of the event.

Later on, the guests wil be given gift bags with Whistles: Pandora t-shirts, which wil have one of the 25 unique charms printed on the shirts. Some of these unique t-shirts wil also be available for purchase for the first 25 customers the next day.

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Pandora is very popular among women not only in the UK, but also in the United States. Americans often see celebrities wearing pieces from Pandora. In addition, Pandora offers another element in their product that allows the customers to connect with the brand even more.

This is the famous element of choosing your own charms for your bracelets and necklaces. When the customer is able to locate a certain charm, they feel connected because the charm would represent some one or a moment in their life they would like to remember.

This emotional connection is very valuable and can help Whistles build a bond with the new, American customer. The brand Pandora wil be able to get more press attention from this collaboration. They wil also be able to target a much wider audience, and increase their sales because of the instant bump in awareness.SWOT, an in-vogue form of strategic planning, is ideal for the volatile fashion industry.

SWOT studies evaluate "strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats" involved with stated business objectives. The sports shoe industry in China Essay examples. The sports shoe industry in China A sweatshop is a workplace where workers are subject to extreme exploitation, including the absence of a living wage or benefits, poor working conditions, such as health and safety hazards, and arbitrary discipline, such as physical and psychological abuse.

Swot fashion whistles

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The brand Whistles originated in by Lucil e Lewin in London. Lucile Lewin used to be a fine art student. This allows her to take inspirations from things such as travel and the arts. Next month Italian designer Riccardo Tisci will unveil his vision for Burberry with his first London Fashion Week catwalk show as the British brand’s chief creative officer.

The sale of Hobbs to Phase Eight and Whistles owner TFG London provides a glimmer of light on an otherwise gloomy high street in .

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