Technical memorandum van westendorp price sensitivity

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Technical memorandum van westendorp price sensitivity

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Primary Sidebar Search this website Many thanks to you for the very helpful presentation on pricing last night. I found it extremely useful and insightful. Well worth the drive down from Bellingham! We needed to understand traditional markets well to characterize the new one.

Most valuable was 5 Circles ability to gather research data and synthesize it. I have come to know both Mike and Stefan as creative, thoughtful, and very diligent research consultants.

Technical memorandum van westendorp price sensitivity

They were always willing to go further to make sure respondents remained engaged and any research results were applicable and of immediate use to us here at Bellevue CE.

They were partners and thought leaders on the project. I am happy to recommend them to any public sector client.

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D, Executive Director of Programs Continuing Education Bellevue College When you work with a market research company you normally have to define the questions. Lorie WigleProduct Line Manager, Business Communications DivisionIntel Corporation Mike brings a tremendous balance of theoretical marketing research with a strong practical knowledge of marketing.

He can tailor the research to the right level for your project. I have hired Mike multiple times and he has delivered each time. I would hire him again. A class like this will help you learn what you can do on your own.

First, I thought it was near impossible to obtain good market information without a large scale, complex market study. Working with 5 Circle Research changed that. We were able to put together a comprehensive survey that provided essential information the company was looking for.

It started with general questions gradually evolving to specifics in a fast pace, fun to take questionnaire. The results provided critical data to help understand the market demand. High quality work, regard for schedule, thorough understanding of the issues are just a few aspects of an overall exceptional experience.

I was impressed with his ability to learn the industry and subsequently develop a framework for the market research project. He was able to execute the research and collect data efficiently and effectively. Throughout the project, he kept me abreast of the progress to allow for any adjustments as needed.

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The quality and quantitative output of the results exceeded my expectations and provided me with more confidence in the direction of the business opportunity. Not only is Mike an excellent facilitator, he also really understood the business problem and the customer experience challenges, and that got us to excellent and very actionable results.

This is partly because much of the original work was done so long ago that contradictory cases and nuances have created confusion to build up.

Additionally, some companies have appeared successful for a [Read More] Van Westendorp pricing the Price Sensitivity Meter This is a follow up to classes I taught that included a short section on pricing research methodologies. I promised some more details on the Van Westendorp approach, in part because information available online may be confusing, or worse.

Sometimes higher value for a buyer means paying a lot more money — good news for the seller too.Price Sensitivity Model In the s, Dutch economist Peter H. van Westendorp introduced a simple method to assess consumers’ price perception. It is based on the premise that there is a range of prices bounded bya maximum that a consumer is prepared to spend and a minimum below which credibility is indoubt.

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See van Westendorp, PH 'Price sensitivity meter (PSM)--A new approach to the study of consumer per- ception of price' Venice Congress Main Sessions, , 17The 11 concepts were selected from more than 25 reviewed during the focus group research.

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