Younger generation spending more time indoors

Reminisce Over Fun Times Over the holidays, my mother-in-law and I sifted through a massive box full of photos and memories. The longer we spent sharing photos and telling stories, the more people congregated in the room, until finally the whole family had gathered, telling and retelling stories from the past few decades. As your child is at camp making memories and learning awesome new skills this summer, pull out some old photo albums remember when people actually printed photos and take a trip down memory lane.

Younger generation spending more time indoors

Air quality risk and the indoor generation News Air quality risk and the indoor generation By Sian Hughes on June 19, Good air quality in buildings is vital to health and well-being.

The Indoor Generation – Read more about how life indoor effects us

Itchy eyes, sneezing, fatigue, throat irritation, headaches, coughing, allergies, respiratory diseases and even heart disease. The impact of poor air quality in our homes, schools and workspaces is becoming a major concern worldwide. The EPA says that the very young, elderly and vulnerable people with cardiovascular or respiratory diseases are particularly vulnerable to air pollution because they spend more time indoors.

The survey is accessible here: A new report by the initiative Buildings says exposure to poor indoor air quality has been linked to lower levels of work productivity and absenteeism through sickness as well as lower attention spans in classrooms and, more alarmingly, the World Health Organisation has released figures revealing that 3.

Employees prefer and work best when they are in spaces with ample natural light, good air quality and access to greenery.One of the issues that concern parents about kids spending increasing amounts of time using screens is the possible effect on their eyesight.

I decided to try and find out what researchers know about this topic. Ex-spy boss says children should spend MORE time indoors and online in the summer holidays to master their cyber skills and 'save the country'.

Younger generation spending more time indoors

It’s clear that developing a balanced relationship with technology and spending more time outdoors is vital to the health of our children, but it’s also increasingly obvious that it’s vital to the health of our planet. the disturbing facts about the indoor generation We spend 90% of our time indoors without enough daylight or fresh air.

We don’t think about it any more – but science has shown that this can be harmful to our health and wellbeing. And, sadly, the younger generation needs to do a better job of embracing exercise. “With childhood obesity rates at an all-time high, it's more essential than ever to keep children from being too sedentary,” writes Amy Goyer in an AARP article.

Younger generation spending more time indoors

A new survey published today demonstrates that Brits are largely unaware of the significant health risks posed by spending too much time indoors in unhealthy homes. Whether we like it or not, we are the so-called “Indoor Generation”.

with asthma more common in younger people. and the amount of time the Indoor Generation spends .

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